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What is International Express Logistics


What is international express logistics? International express delivery refers to the express delivery and logistics business between two or more countries. "The business of sending letters, commercial documents, and goods from one country to another through express delivery between customs and border ports.". After arriving at the destination country by air, international express delivery needs to be delivered to the final destination by truck or train.

An important characteristic of international express delivery is the differences in the delivery environment of different countries, especially the differences in the soft environment of express delivery. Due to the different logistics laws applied in different countries, the complexity of international express delivery is higher than that of domestic logistics, and may even cause obstacles. In addition, differences in the level of economic development in different countries may lead to the support of technical conditions for international express delivery, and some regions may even be unable to apply certain technologies, which forces the level of the entire international express delivery system to decline. In addition, due to different standards in different countries, it is difficult to integrate internationally and establish an international express delivery system. At the same time, the customs and cultures of different countries have also imposed restrictions on international express delivery.

What are the characteristics of international express delivery:

First, international express delivery involves international relations and is a highly policy-oriented external activity:

International express delivery is a part of international trade. In organizing the transportation of goods, we need to have direct or indirect contact with foreign enterprises. Such contacts are not only economic, but also highly policy-oriented external activities, often involving international political issues.

Secondly, international express delivery is a long-distance transportation with many intermediate links:

International express delivery refers to transportation between countries or regions. Generally speaking, enterprises have relatively long transportation distances and often need to use various transportation management methods. After multiple loading and unloading, through intermediate links such as transportation and transportation.

Third, international express delivery involves extensive, complex, and volatile situations:

International express delivery involves multiple departments at home and abroad, and needs to deal with intermediaries such as cargo owners, transportation inspection agencies, insurance companies, banks or other financial institutions, customs, ports, etc. in different countries and regions.

Fourth, the timeliness of international express transportation is strong:

Especially for some fresh commodities, seasonal commodities, and sensitive commodities, it is necessary to rapidly develop transportation and organize supply, which is conducive to improving the competitiveness of products for export and expanding production and sales target markets. Therefore, international express transportation must strengthen learning the concept of time management and strive to quickly win time and speed.

Fifth, international express transportation risks are relatively high:

Due to the long-distance transportation, wide coverage, complexity, timeliness, changes in the international situation, various natural disasters and accidents, wars, embargoes, or pirate transportation of international express delivery, it may directly or indirectly affect international express delivery transportation, causing serious consequences.

Sixth, international express delivery is slower than commercial express delivery:

Website information query lags behind, and few countries can access it. Once a problem occurs, it can only be inquired in written form, which takes a long time.

International express delivery is the most important component of express delivery business. Its annual business volume has increased by 30%, playing an important role in China's foreign trade work, contributing to China's economic integration into globalization, and achieving significant socio-economic benefits.

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