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What are the general fees included in the freight forwarding fee


What fees do freight forwarding fees typically include? When there is a demand for freight forwarders, many people not only pay more attention to the choice of companies, but also attach great importance to the cost of freight forwarders. What we need to know is that the specific cost usually varies according to different choices made by everyone. The most commonly used freight forwarders in international logistics are sea freight and air freight. Next, let's take a look at two types of freight forwarding fees: sea freight and air freight.

Ocean freight forwarding fee:

Shipping usually requires the use of containers to store goods, so container leasing and trailer costs account for a significant portion of freight forwarding costs. In addition, the dock fees, booking fees, and customs clearance fees must also be borne by everyone. Of course, the cost of fuel, fuel surcharges, security fees, and insurance costs for the entire maritime transport are also included.

It should be noted that in most cases, shipping costs are denominated in US dollars. If you choose an international freight forwarder for transportation, please pay attention to the exchange rate issue. This is also a matter of specific analysis, as overpayment or underpayment mainly depends on the current exchange rate.

Air freight forwarding fee:

If you choose an air freight forwarder, the cost is significantly different compared to sea freight. The main reason is that air transportation requires the payment of airline freight, fuel surcharges, and airport operating costs, which are the main components of freight forwarding costs. In addition, the freight forwarding company will also charge some basic handling fees as other agency fees. These also need to be clearly discussed with the freight forwarding company in the early stage.

In summary, the composition of freight forwarding fees varies depending on the standard and is usually related to the mode of transportation of the goods and the selected company. However, in most cases, a certain deposit is required to achieve the protection of both parties. Therefore, in the early stage, customers need to prepare for this part of the cost.

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