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What products are suitable for overseas warehousing


With the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce, many people choose it as their entrepreneurial direction. The logistics issue is still a very noteworthy aspect in the cross-border e-commerce industry. It should be noted that currently, many sellers will choose to store and transport their goods through overseas warehouses. So what products are suitable for overseas storage? Let's take a look together.

1、 Goods with high unit prices and high profits:

"You should know that if it is a high-quality overseas warehousing service, it can control the breakage rate and missing parts rate at a very low level, which effectively provides a guarantee for those products that originally have high costs.". After all, if there are too many parts lost and damaged, it is still a relatively large loss for the seller.

2、 Products with large volume and weight:

I believe that many sellers currently choose the international small package method in their daily order delivery process, but this usually requires certain requirements for the size and weight of the small package. So what products are suitable for overseas warehousing? If you sell products with large volume and weight every day, and the cost of express delivery is very expensive, you can consider the shipping method in special line logistics, but the efficiency will be much slower than air transportation. It is suitable for stocking goods more than a month in advance, and placing them in overseas storage after customs clearance. Overseas warehousing can solve this problem well, with a large choice of product specifications, and can effectively reduce logistics costs.

3、 Best selling products:

If it is a best-selling product, there are generally high requirements for the timeliness of express delivery. Therefore, if you can choose to prepare goods in advance in overseas warehouses, you can actually avoid the problem of delayed delivery or exceeding the delivery time due to logistics issues. After all, a refund is not worth it because of this issue.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone will have a clearer answer to the question of what products are suitable for overseas warehousing. If your goods also meet some of the above characteristics, you can actually try the logistics method of overseas warehousing to help yourself, because it can indeed make your logistics process more smooth.

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